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The Red Lions Group, LLC.


Today’s highprofile individuals and celebrities are faced with unprecedented corporate and

personal risks. Risks that requiring a higher level of security planning, coordination and management. 

The Red Lions Group understands that these highprofile individuals and their families require personal

protection that does not impede on the lifestyle of those clients.  


It should be understood that many high profile individuals and celebrities are often 

underprotected, or not protected at all. These individuals become exposed to potential threats due

to their extreme value they bring to their organizations.  Highnet worth individuals often do 

not fully recognize that their wealth and prominence may expose them and their families as

 potential targets for criminal acts such as kidnapping, extortion and robbery. The skill and 

determination of these individuals, whose goal is to exploit these exposures, are often quite extreme.

Although these concerns are prevalent and the risk is real, most highnet worth individuals

are reluctant to hire personal protection services, due to the fact that they want to maintain

a restriction free lifestyle and retain privacy. The Red Lions Group meets these challenges by

providing our clients with a full range of discreet, personal and professional executive protection

services. We also work with each client to coordinate and develop a customized security strategy

for domestic and international travel, that suits the client's needs and exceeds any expectations.

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